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Hey guys!

As I’ve told several of you all, I’ll be starting up a new campaign early next year. This campaign won’t be in a world over-archingly different than the Forgotten Realms thematically. The core races will still be the same, but the backstory will be different and they will interact differently. For continuity’s sake (and your boredom’s sake), I’ve decided to begin the campaign at the experience level the Forgotten Realms brought you all. Also, any character you choose will have loot of the same level accumulated during your Forgotten Realms campaign. Say you have a lvl 4 weapon but want to switch classes, you can do so, just choose a lvl 4 weapon that fits with your new character.

Before I delve into the backstory of the races, let me just say that all of these role-playing and story options are just that, optional. If you don’t want to create a specific backstory for the character you want, you don’t need to. If you want to be Bob the Elf that stabs people in the back, no problem, stab away. This is a primer for the world Bob will be stabbing in. It represents the basic information Bob, or any other character of that level, would know.

Do understand though that there is backstory and homes for every single other major race in the player’s handbook and handbook 2 (gnomes, halflings, tieflings, deva, goliaths, half-orcs to name a few). When you choose that race for your character you’ll get all their backstory information. In addition, the people that choose the main staple races will get even more information about their country and be able to choose the origin of their character even more if they so desire. Now you don’t necessarily have to have a backstory or hometown, but if you want to I’ll give you information to make that choice. It will influence your gameplay.

One more quick note before the meat of post: if you’d like to play a race of an evil creature, or one of the ones that falls outside of the handbooks, let me know! It’s very much possible and encouraged if you so desire it. And if you get bored with your character at any point and want to try something new, let me know. Easy-peasy.

The Four Corners of Civilization:

First and foremost, the Commonwealth, the newest of the nations, is an amalgamation of all the races and a melting pot of varying levels of tolerance. Any character of any good-aligned race can choose to have this country as their home nation. The capital of the nation is Hallowfell far in the mountainous east, and the open plains and river basin house the main centers of trade and academia, Imre and Tarbean. By far, the Commonwealth is the largest and most diverse country.

The Aturan Empire is the last vestige of the proud human empire that previously unified a greater portion of the land. The history of the empire is written in what cities remain, most notably the capital and host of the new government, Atur. The land is generally well-developed plains and river basins with the occasional forest spattered throughout.

The Dwarfs reside in the mountainous stretchs and highlands of Ceald. Ralien, the capital of the nation, refers to the prodigious mountain rising out of the central butte-laden highlands and the city built into the mountain’s heart. Anilin, previously an Aturan fort, is the center of all dwarven trade to the other nations and maintains their main contact with the outside nations.

Elves have settled in the lush lowlands of Vintas. Their capital Renere is sprawling tribute to decadence and the wealth the elves enjoy from trading the desirable goods grown and found in their land.

The austere and aloof Eladrin reside in Modeg. The capital of the Modegan nation is Cershaen at the tip of the northern-most forest. The ancestral home of the Eladrin and the elven people in general is the great forest, The Eld.


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