The Chandrian

Further into the encroaching dark.

Episode 1 (5e)

Our party awakens in an antechamber to the now ivy-coated meeting space of Graward Hall to welcoming smells of stews and heavily-salted meat and the sounds of Martiln, their recent gnome rescue, boasting loudly to the gathering. The party walks in to hear him espouse at length on the futility of the servitude to the drow and the need for revolt, but it’s obvious he’s being met with responses varying from cordial nods to disgruntled ignoring. He quickly joins the party as you sit for breakfast.

The breakfast is satisfying though the portions are small, and the party uses the time to take inventory of the assemble gnomes. They are largely a motley collection and few show signs of any military training. Rollie inspects the two score of troops, singling out three that look particularly hopeful. He chooses the nimblest and most stealthy of the trio thinking that staying hidden will be of the utmost importance. Titterwill, the chosen gnome, introduces himself to the party and brandishes his two daggers in a quick bow. As the party decides to venture forth for the day, the leave the remaining conscripts behind to set traps in the passage leading to Graward Hall.

Under the guidance of Rollie and Marek who are now familiar with the passage work north of Graward Hall, the party, Vrei Olrynn (the Deva Avenger and emissary of the Commonwealth) Titterwill and Martiln all find themselves in the outer halls of T’lindhet. They opt to return to the intersection they visited yesterday for some more thorough investigation. Nimbly avoiding the spider webs in the hallways, they explore two of the four adjoining chambers. Marek in particular takes interest in the writings of the rooms and is rewarded by retrieving a collection of thin but sturdy stone tablets on which lots Temic writing is collected. The tablets have more extensive writing on one-side and just a couple runes on the opposite side.

Happy with the find the group peers into the other two rooms with some trepidation as those two rooms are covered with dense spider webs. Indeed the spiderwebs in the area seem to emanate from them. Melkor and Titterwill begin to hack at the southern rooms webs while Rollie cautiously observes the northern room.

Incensed, spiders pour out of the rooms and immediately engage the party. While two are blocked by the stout shield of Melkor and the quick stabs of Titterwill at his side, the other room admits three spiders into the hallway. One immediately spits and leaps at Marek, but is rewarded with a quick misty step away. The others are engaged by Benwen and Rollie. Rollie deftly leaps in and out of the action, hamstringing and stabbing at will. Benwen, in an epic flourish, sheers the legs of a spider away from the wall and sends it spinning to the ground. On the upswing the magic of his sword carries him into the air and lets his purvey the battlefield floating 10 feet above the ground.

The spiders regroup and attempt to push out of the south room. Their desperate actions are turned away by Melkor however and he’s able to dispatch or pinion to the ground both spiders while Titterwill kills one. But Marek’s spider attacks Martiln and grievously injures him. Marek draws the attention of the spider with a magic missile, and evades the enraged charge deftly. At this time Rollie continues to dispatch the spiders and Benwen gives quick medical attention to Martiln and also hurling some cuttings words the spider doesn’t appear to understand.

In the connecting hallway though, Marek dispatches a spider in a conspicuous fashion, thunderwaving a triumphant call of “FREEDOM!” As the dust from the battle settles it seems the call is still reverberating in the stone halls. Wary, the group settles together around Benwen’s Song of Rest and patches themselves up. Vrei and Rollie head to the west hall taking up sentry points and are soon alarmed by the sounds of something strange coming.

Quickly the party splits into the four rooms waiting to ambush the coming party. Oddly though, only 6 or so foot-wide beetles scurry down the hall at first and briskly rush past the rooms with no attention spent. Footsteps follow however, and reveal a drow in long dark hooded robes with two small beetles scurrying at his side. Benwen quickly adopts a magical disguise and greets the drow cordially in Common. When he attempts to assure the drow that everything is under control here however, he mistakenly slips into Primordial alarming the drow. The drow waves his hands with a slightly underbreath utterance and disperses the magical disguise of Benwen.

While this is happening however, Melkor leaps from the connecting room and grips the mage firmly inhibiting motion. The mage tries to free himself, but ends up misty stepping away and disappearing. Emboldened by the fleeing drow, Benwen, Melkor, Martiln and Vrei leap out of the rooms and gather together to dispatch the beetle threat. Rollie keeps Titterwill under his wing in the dark of the room and Marek quickly casts an invisibility spell while emerging from his room.

Appearing with a smirk on his face, the mage appears and raises his hands filling the hall with a blast of freezing sleet and hail. The collected forces are knocked unconscious and frozen solid in the hall. While Rollie and Marek look on in horror, the mage collects his prizes and mentally controls the group to march down the adjoining hallway in quiet triumph. Buffeted by several remaining beetles, the prisoners march away vacantly at the drow’s behest…


kronen kronen

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