The Chandrian

Up a frigid path

The fourth day of our party’s travels began frustratingly as their progress was slowed somewhat by steadily dwindling shoreline. The river continued its slow wind up into the mountain while being fed by smaller tributaries. The party found several dried up tributary carved-out wholes and over their lunch break decided to explore. Rollie was enlisted to climb the smooth walls of the feeder riverbank into the rock, and followed for close to 150 feet before the enclosure became too tight-fitting even for him. At the end of his climb however he found some faintly glowing rock in the roof of the crevice and was able to pick a fist-sized chunk free. Disgrim recognized the semi-precious stone as Dianite, a stone valued for it’s light capturing/reflecting properties. In it’s unprocessed form it’s less useful, but it still was able to be faintly visible in the collective travel light of the party.

Continuing onwards and upwards, the party came to the greatest waterfall of all. Over 100 feet in height and thundering downwards on a frosted, worn rocks, the waterfall had the party planning and discussing amongst each other until Marek quieted them all with a self-assured chuckle. Not wasting any time, he gathered a sufficient length of rope and cast a new spell. His form faded into a smoky ether and he smiled as he floated up the face of the fall. At the top he extended the rope down and the party climbed up comfortably.

All was not well at the top however. The lake or reservoir at the top of the water fall proved to be infested with gricks. Out of the dark but clear water, they pulled at the legs of the party trying to dislodge them and whisk them out into the middle depths. Titterwill fell prey to an early assault and was pulled under but was soon rescued by Benwen and Rollie. Marek was able to slow the Gricks with well-placed frostbolts. After the fight, Rollie was able to calm the tentative Titterwill and embolden him into swimming on into the lake. Little did little Titterwill know his fiercest battle was yet to come.

After resting, the next day’s travel proceed carefully as the party was sure to approach the embankment entrance to the Spire. The party sees three hulking humanoid figures hunched-over a carcass, eating with relish. Benwen creates an illusory draccus that scares one of the figures away. The other two however run up into the structure and have to be dealt with. Marek and Felvar open fire with flame and poison respectively and the Quaggoths waste no time trying to close the distance. The first of the pair falls under their assault and the wither smoldering husk litters the battlefield Waiting for the last one at the bottom of the winding stair however is Vrei, Benwen, and the duo of Rollie and Titterwill. Rollie deftly shimmies up the rockface and places himself behind the first of the Quaggoth. Attempting to aid his friend, Titterwill jumps into the fray only to find himself on the receiving end of the Qauggoths blood frenzied attacks. He’s nearly knocked unconscious before Benwen is able to pull him out of his pinned position. The Quaggoth falls to Rollie’s aerial assault soon after.

The party continues up the short ramped path as it doubles back-and-forth up the rockface. They see kill holes and obvious liquid drop paths on the way up and every step they’re thankful it’s not defended. At the top, they explore the passageways briefly to get the lay of the structure and when satisfied continue into the mountain. Here the passageway is free save for sediment and dust deposits and our party soon find themselves at the runic door leading into the T’lind Spire….


kronen kronen

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